Covid rules when the course is open for training for registered KMX members – Reminder!

As we are now in a very special situation with regards to Covid19, and we feel it is important that we remind members some of the rules that currently apply on the track:

The Safety Delegate is the main responsible person at the track and the Safety Delegate’s instructions MUST be followed.

It will be mandatory to be pre-registered through the Spond app to attend the training. Download the app to sign up.

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to change your allocated time for training.

The Safety Delegate will be able to ban people from the facility who are not registered for the training session.

During the training, one should only be at the facility by virtue of being an authority person from KMX, a registered racer or a guardian of a minor racer.

The same rules are in force that also otherwise apply, and everyone is obliged to familiarize themselves with (and follow) these:

NMF has posted an article called «Koronavett from NMF» (Corona tips from Norwegian Motorsport Association) here, which everyone MUST read before training:

Below are some of the rules that currently apply (also specific for KMX) and we sincerely request that everyone help enforce these:

– KMX must follow the recommendations of public authorities

-Do not use common wardrobes, which means that KMX’s changing room and kiosk / cafe must remain closed.

– There should not be any sporting activities unless it is absolutely certain that the activity does not contribute to an increased risk of infection and it can be exercised in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities. Otherwise, the activity should be stopped immediately.

– Participants are encouraged to drive their own car to the training area, and that the car / trailer is used as a «base» as KMX’s common areas such as wardrobes and kiosk / cafe will not be opened. All racers must walk the bike back to the car when their heat is finished and stay there until the racer’s next heat starts.

– It must be ensured that the participants are at least 1 meter away at all times.

-Activity with physical contact is not allowed.

-In activities for children and adolescents, there should be an adult present who can ensure that the activity is carried out in accordance with recommendations from public health authorities.

– Participants should not share equipment where hand contact with the equipment is required.

-There must be good hygiene routines in connection with the activity, e.g. good access to Antibac (everyone is obliged to bring Antibac for their own use) and routines for thorough washing of hands, clothes and sports equipment before and after the activity.

– The activity should be carried out in a careful manner to avoid injury.

We want to try as best we can to make sure that everyone gets as much racing as possible out of the allocated time, but at the same time we have to adhere to the rules that currently apply and all participants are obliged to help fulfill the requirements.

We want to show members and racers that we at KMX take our precautions, and hope everyone helps enforce the rules and that we have a good training day on the track!


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